We've made solar investing
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Imagine you were given the opportunity to create a Social Legacy, improve lives and advance sustainability in America, with ONE action, that requires little effort and costs you nothing. Would you accept the honor and act accordingly?

What if, instead of investing in solar for a small hypothetical return, you could invest and realize an immediate profit year after year? Finally. . . an investment in solar where everyone wins.

Introducing Solar Equity Group

Do you believe in the power of a Great Story? Imagine being able to harness the power of your Own Story... Does your Brand value Social Capital or manage a Public Image?

Can you benefit from a national or global press and media package designed to highlight your Brand’s support of sustainable energy in America and the Global Goals of Sustainable Development?

Welcome to the Solar Equity Exchange, where solar investments are immediately profitable and operate in harmony with the 17 principles of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

We invite you to harness the power of goodwill and invest in sustainable energy infrastructure through a public benefit Solar Equity Exchange.

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  • What is a Solar Tax Equity Exchange?
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  • What makes the Solar Equity Group process different?

What we do is extraordinary because our investors are not buying or leasing solar equipment themselves, yet they share the tax benefits of those that do.

Justin Kaiser - Co-founder and CEO
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Meet a solar tax equity expert

We invite you to take 2 minutes and meet Enrolled Agent, Mr. James Harnsberger. As an Enrolled Agent, Mr. Harnsberger is admitted to practice before the Internal Revenue Service and is a "Fellow" with the National Tax Practice Institute, one of the nation's most prestigious recognition of expertise and knowledge in all aspects of federal tax law.

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Our commitment to sustainability

Solar Equity Group has adopted the Global Goals of Sustainable Development,
and exists in furtherance of these principles.

A Joint Global Solar Initiative

Solar Equity Group is in partnership via a joint Global Solar Initiative with the World Sports Alliance to further advance the Global Goals. Solar Equity Group is also the World Sports Alliance's Global Energy Advisor.

The World Sports Alliance USA (WSAUSA) is an NGO in connection with the United Nations and exists as a sports diplomacy and amateur / youth sports organization, in furtherance of the Global Goals and was formed in 2017 in partnership with the World Sports Alliance Intergovernmental Organization (WSAIGO). Collectively, our mission is to spread the use of solar energy worldwide in support of the Global Goals while supporting global youth sports programs with every transaction.

Invest with us

When you invest into one of our solar projects, you immediately benefit from the tax equity exchange. Through this transaction you reduce America's carbon footprint, update and decentralize America's energy grid enhancing national security, and benefit your bottom line. With each transaction, we also use a small percentage to sponsor the World Sports Alliance and support youth sports programs in 33 countries around the world. Show your commitment to a sustainable future beginning now.

Invest in solar infrastructure

Paul Pelosi Jr Executive Director Of The Corporate Governance Initiative (CGI) Endorses Solar Equity Group Tax Equity Program As Good For Business And The Environment

Paul Pelosi Jr & Mark Cuban

Taking advantage of solar tax credits and solar project net operating losses reducing the tax obligations of businesses is good for business and the environment

Paul Pelosi Jr & Mark Cuban

Paul Pelosi Jr Announces Huge Tax Break Opportunities Under Trump Presidency Providing An Opening For Big And Small Businesses To Save And Thrive Supporting National Solar Initiatives

Global Goals

The Global Goals of Sustainable Development was signed by every country on the planet and went into force on January 1, 2016 with the idea that the Global Goals applies to all. Affordable Clean Energy is one of the main principles of the goals, yet the United States remains far behind many other OECD nations in terms of clean energy proliferation, with less than a 2% penetration rate of solar energy use as of the end of 2016. In order for the world to reach its commitment, the United States as one of the world’s largest consumers of energy must bring many more Solar Projects online.

At its current rate of expansion the United States is currently not on track to reach its goals under the Global Goals regarding “Clean and Affordable Energy” by 2030.

Solar Equity Group has created a sustainable funding mechanism that directly benefits 11 of the 17 Global Goals. Following a business model that uses practical economics, SEG aims to increase the odds of the United States reaching its goals in regards to clean energy and its commitments under the Global Goals by the year 2030.

Truly a win win for all

America's commitment

In 2005 the Bush administration made a commitment to the American public of having 20% of America powered by clean energy by the year 2030. Then, in 2009 Obama added fuel to that fire by making significant changes to the tax code allowing renewable energy funding specifically for the tax benefit. This has paved the way for significant advancement of the infrastructure.
See 2016 Renewable Energy Status Report here.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act became the largest contribution to renewable energy in history by funneling approximately $150 Billion in private capital between 2009-2011 directly to clean energy infrastructure through tax based incentives. Since then congress has given bipartisan support of various tax incentive programs to continue funding a new smarter power grid, and Solar Equity Group is helping achieve this by connecting American businesses and taxpayers with our solar project tax incentives. These solar projects are 100% funded by exchanging our solar tax incentives to 3rd party taxpayers.

Approved, then re-approved

In June of 2015, the US Senate approved an expansive energy bill with an 11-year, $18.6 billion package of energy tax breaks with a renewed focus towards renewable energy resources and conservation. Tax credits were introduced for various renewable energy technologies and are transferable to individuals or businesses, acting as a self-funding mechanism for solar energy companies. By monetizing these tax benefits Solar Equity Group is able to continue funding projects without the use of loans or private capital.

Wall Street approved

These types of tax equity exchanges and tax benefits are used regularly by many banks and large companies like Google, Bank of America, AIG, Wal-Mart and PayPal, and Starbucks just to name a few.

Expected by the IRS

The IRS has already accounted for this tax equity, and they expect these tax incentives to be used by someone or some company. As long as the exchange is set up properly, and handled by licensed tax professionals it is business as normal to the IRS, and a boost to the congressional agenda. There is no money lost for the government, and we are helping the government advance their promise to the American public of having the nation powered by at least 20% clean energy by the year 2030.

Join us on our mission

We invite you to INSPIRE CHANGE and TAKE ACTION with us. Harness the POWER of GOODWILL. Do something different because YOU CAN.

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