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As a Social Purpose Company, we're proud to be working with nonprofit partners and every year we aim to help more.

World Sports Alliance

Solar Equity Group is in partnership with the World Sports Alliance IGO, a Youth Sports Division of the United Nations.  Solar Equity Group and the World Sports Alliance have formed a joint Global Solar Initiative whose mission is to spread the use of Solar Energy worldwide in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

When you participate in our solar tax equity exchange program, you are a partner in the solar projects we develop as a means to help the environment and for long term benefit. By helping to develop solar projects you also help support youth sports programs all over the world. By partnering with us, you reduce your income tax bill as well as help the environment and the World Sports Alliance.

The World Sports Alliance IGO  exists as a sports diplomacy and amateur / youth sports organization and was formed in 2007 with the belief that sports activities for young people is a true public benefit worldwide and the desire to spread those benefits in furtherance of the principles promulgated under the UNSDGS. The World Sports Alliance IGO currently has 33 member-states worldwide and exists in partnership with the United Nations (UNDESA) and is in partnership and/or recognized amongst the major sports governing bodies worldwide.

World Sports Alliance is especially focused on youth sports as a means to develop human potential beyond just a physical capacity. They also help our young athletes to develop mentally, socially and emotionally, which follows them throughout their lives assisting with whatever challenges they may face. The benefits of a community with strong amateur sports programs are clear, the world is a better place when we play sports!

Learn more about the World Sports Alliance here.


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