Our History

2010 marks the year our team began funding solar projects with tax equity exchanges on a very "belly to belly" basis. In 2016 the name Solar Equity Group was born. Our team efforts have successfully funded more than 6,000 solar projects from residential rooftops and commercial buildings to giant field solar farms.

We are shifting the paradigm

We are a group of visionary entrepreneurs, tax experts, real estate developers and eco investors.

After developing our strategy locally with more than 1,500 investors and with the encouragement of many of our investors we formed this company and radically enhanced our business model with a focus on providing access and education to the professional community.

Our simple yet efficient approach evolved from years of collective business experience in various industries, and the result has become a win win scenario that we believe any affluent professional will find hard to ignore.

The opportunity was born from our collective passion to be the change we want to see in our world, and use what we know to assist our government and advance our national need for a decentralized power grid, while helping Americans free up cash-flow and increase revenue.


Solar Equity Group
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