Justin Kaiser

Chief Executive Officer

Justin Kaiser is a creative big picture visionary, eco-entrepreneur and founder of multiple companies. It is what he truly loves to do. Mr. Kaiser's entrepreneurial spirit took form at a very young age and by his early 20s he was one of the youngest and most successful marketers in the direct sales industry, breaking records in both team growth and volume with tens of thousands of distributors on his sales team.

In 1995, Mr. Kaiser then just in 6th grade elementary school wrote on a yellow piece of paper that he was interested in solar energy. 21 years later in 2016 and with a passion for renewable energy, Mr. Kaiser Co-founded Solar Equity Group with the vision of radically enhancing an existing tax equity business model currently used by the industry since 2009. The result has brought together leading industry experts in both the solar energy and tax professions and is proving to be vastly more effective in funding solar projects nationwide. Under Mr. Kaiser’s leadership more than $86 Million in Tax Equity was exchanged in 2017.

Prior to Co-founding Solar Equity Group, Mr. Kaiser's previous experience include founding multiple domestic companies in the areas of credit restoration, business funding, and bulk REO real estate investing. Mr. Kaiser has also founded multiple international companies in Belize, British Virgin Islands, Nevis, New Zealand, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and the Seychelles in the professions of foreign currency managed investment accounts, a hedge fund exclusively trading currency and asset protection corporate structuring including complex multiple entity incorporation and trust formation.

When Mr. Kaiser isn't brainstorming on new creative ideas to drive the company forward, he enjoys traveling and spending time on white sand beaches, working on his physical fitness, meditation, and organic dieting and nutrition.


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