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Brilliant ideas exist everywhere. But without proper vision and management, many of these ideas never see the light of day. Or even if they do, many fail to execute. Solar Equity Group has a competent team of visionaries, tax experts and legal advisors with diverse backgrounds to manage, perform and execute this brilliant idea in all key areas.

Justin Kaiser

Chief Executive Officer

Justin Kaiser is a creative big picture visionary, entrepreneur and founder of multiple companies. It is what he truly loves to do. Justin's entrepreneurial spirit took form at a very young age and by his early 20s he was one of the youngest and most successful marketers in the direct sales industry, breaking records in both team growth and volume with tens of thousands of distributors.

In 1995, Justin then just in 6th grade elementary school wrote on a yellow piece of paper that he was interested in solar energy. 21 years later in 2016 and with a passion for renewable energy, Justin Co-founded Solar Equity Group with the vision of radically enhancing an existing tax equity business model currently used by the industry since 2009. The result has brought together leading industry experts in both the solar energy and tax professions and is proving to be vastly more effective in funding solar projects nationwide.

Prior to Co-founding Solar Equity Group, Justin's previous experience include founding multiple companies in the areas of credit restoration, business funding, real estate investing, foreign currency managed investment accounts, a hedge fund exclusively trading currency and corporate asset protection.

When Justin isn't brainstorming on new creative ideas to drive the company forward, he enjoys traveling and spending time on white sand beaches with his wife and daughter, working on his physical fitness, meditation, and vegan organic dieting and nutrition.

Gordon Joksimovich


Gordon Joksimovich is a highly motivated entrepreneur with three decades of experience in property management, development, and raising capital for projects and various investments. After turning around more than 150 non-performing assets to profitable status within one year, he has more than proven his ability to contribute to our company's efficiency and profitability.

Mr. Joksimovich has been brokering tax equity with solar companies since 2010. During those years, Mr. Joksimovich acquired, successfully restructured, and sold 16 profitable tax offices.

Since the 1990s Mr. Joksimovich founded and operated multiple real estate related companies, developing hundreds of luxury properties as well as managing and selling thousands of multi-family units. He also developed mass land tracts for custom home development and was the single factor in the success of these transactions.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Mr. Joksimovich developed and opened, a plethora of hotels, and restauarants.

When Mr. Joksimovich isn't managing operations or thinking of new ideas he enjoys spending time with his family and traveling.

Kevin Dill

Chief Operations Officer

Kevin Dill is a creative problem solver who looks at the ending desired outcome and works his way backwards. He has founded, over the past 25 years, multiple interactive multimedia disciplines including multimedia kiosk, web and mobile app solutions. Kevin surrounds himself with individuals of various backgrounds, expertise and vision to assist in the collective result, in addition to an “out of the box” thought process eliminating clicks, time and resources ultimately accomplishing the end result with efficiency.

As the Chief Operations Officer at Solar Equity Group, Kevin is continuously streamlining the processes to create a smooth running machine inside an ever-morphing environment of people, climates and expertise.

Kevin is also a volleyball coach at the high school and club level, continuing his vision to effectively change lives with positive encouragement and life lessons which carry beyond into adulthood. 


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