Our Mission

To protect our society, economy, and environment through expansion of sustainable energy.

Our Vision

Add 30 Gigawatts of solar microgrids in the most sustainable way possible to provide Clean
Sustainable Energy to 30,000,000 North America homes by 2030.

Our vision regarding the future of global energy is symbiotic with most major world leaders, large banks and institutions. Solar will become the primary source of power in the future. With recent improvements in solar technology, efficiency, and rapidly evolving applications by industry giants like Solar City and Tesla, we have decided to zero in on solar technology and leverage the economic advantage provided by transferrable tax incentives to advance the energy revolution.

Our Challenge

At its current rate of expansion, the United States is not on track to reach its commitment by 2030 under the Global Goals of Sustainable Development regarding “Clean and Affordable Energy.” SEG has created a sustainable financing opportunity that increases the odds of reaching these goals by harnessing Solar Tax Credits and Accelerated Depreciation for Solar Equipment to encourage financing of solar projects and expansion of our solar energy use.

Our Approach

We have designed Solar Equity Group and this site to be more than just a business that invests in solar projects. We also wish to educate and dispel the misinformation surrounding solar and its viability in generating the lion's share of America's increasing energy needs.

We have chosen to take a proactive approach in dealing with pollution, centralized power, and the fact that fossil fuels will inevitably run out within the next several generations. This approach includes funding the solution and giving access to the public.


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