About our logo

“We designed our logo as a reminder of why we are doing this, and that the reality we prefer - a clean, safe and thriving future for generations to come, is as real as the room you are in right now.”

You may have noticed the intricate design in our logo... The "Flower of Life" is a geometric pattern composed of evenly-spaced, overlapping circles arranged in a flower like pattern with six fold symmetry like a hexagon. It is considered to be the perfect form of proportion and harmony.

This pattern has been known to philosophers, architects, secret societies and artists around the world. Most cultures consider it to be sacred geometry containing ancient spiritual value depicting the fundamental form of space and time. Within its geometry all possible realities of our universe are represented as it contains the geometries of all 5 platonic solids, as well as the basic structure of all living things, and is the visual expression to the connections of life that run through all sentient beings.

We believe we are all One, and that our reality is what we focus our attention on. We organized Solar Equity Group to assist the energy revolution in the most practical way we know... directing the attention of our fellow Americans into solution based energy economics.


Solar Equity Group
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