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Solar Equity Group is a syndicate of solar funding companies working together with licensed tax firms. Get involved and participate on the front line of the energy revolution by helping your clients invest into sustainable energy infrastructure in exchange for tax incentives.

The Solar Tax Equity Pro Network

More value for your clients, More value for your firm

We are expanding our professional network and looking for select tax professionals in your area. In the event we have clients who don't have a tax professional or are looking for a new professional, we encourage clients to work with a professional like yourself in the local area.

If you are a licensed tax professional and the decision-maker for your firm then fill out the simple form below to schedule your firm for the next available training and orientation.

Tax professionals will be presented with a "Certificate of Completion" for the FREE training program upon completion. This certificate simply demonstrates that you have completed our required training and are authorized to participate with your clients in the Solar Equity Exchange program.

Enroll below and let your clients know that you are a Solar Equity Exchange Professional.

A true value proposition is when everyone wins

Your clients win

Your clients will have access to participate in our solar equity exchange giving them an immediate savings (profit). This is all achieved without your clients having to buy or lease solar equipment themselves.

Your firm wins

By granting special access to valuable solar tax equity to your clients, you are adding extreme value to the service you provide. This also allows you to increase your revenue as Solar Equity Group reimburses you for your billable time to prepare our process for your clients.

Our country wins

With each new transaction more solar projects are completed, further decentralizing and updating our national power grid, making America less vulnerable to damage by national disasters and terrorist attacks.

Our planet wins

The debate over various environmental issues continues... but everyone agrees with practical economics. This is especially true when it directly benefits your bottom line. A big part of our mission is assisting the whole planet in achieving a cleaner and safer environment by reducing America's carbon footprint. In doing so, we also further the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Tax Professional vs Tax Expert

Tax professionals do taxes... Tax Experts continually educate themselves, often hold multiple certifications and licenses, and actively research and vet out new strategies. They get true satisfaction delivering unexpected WOWS to their most valuable clients.

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After enrolling you will receive an email via DocuSign with your Tax Pro Agreement. Once you have executed the agreement your website will be set up within 24 business hours and you will receive an email notification.

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